Wednesday, 15 December 2010


i am having one of those brief but incredibly delicious moments of clarity...well i say brief but i seem to be resting in this spacious place for the last few hours!... all is well... all is perfect... all that is my reality and my life is a blessing, rich, beautiful, and joyous.... i dont know how long this will last, tho i know that unless i have gained enlightenment (unlikely tho would be great!) this moment too shall pass and once again the grasping, seeking, comparing, needing and all too human mind will come crashing back into the drivers seat bringing mayhem and mischievousness its way!

so i am enjoying the place i find myself this eve...hearing the sounds of the city...the tapping of my fingernails on the keys of my laptop.. the warmth of my fleecy pyjamas holding my fire, comforting me...the pillows behind me easing and supporting my toes softly dancing with each other.... my breath gentle and soft...a little smile on my face...just this moment... just this now...

how did i get here? i cannot say for sure but maybe... just maybe these factors came into play:

1) i feel truly deeply incredibly blessed to be doing the 'work' that i do...i love teaching.. i love my students.. all of them...i love what i receive from the experience of sharing these ancient practices...i am filled with so much gratitude for this in my life right now

2) i spent the afternoon with a dear, beautiful and inspiring friend...sipping tea and eating cake...sharing news and snippets from our lives...laughing... shopping... basking in the warmth of open hearts...lately i have really been feeling how lucky i am in the amount of love and friendship i have in my life.. its kinda blown me away!... i am one very lucky lil lady!

3) the amount of support i seem to be receiving from the universe around my 'alchemy of the arts' events and retreats seems to be unbounding... truly! again i feel deeply grateful and also very excited to witness my little seed gently and tenderly taking shoot.. i will be careful to nurture it and tend to its needs as it hopefully continues to grow both widely and wildly to dance with the world

4) tho i do not wish to offer too deep an insight into what has been a tenderly painful yet devastatingly delicious distraction over the last few months, the ending of my latest dalliance in intimacy and love, has offered me so much insight and so many gifts... thro the tears and heart breaking sadness of it all, i can feel gratitude, once more, lurking quietly in the corner of my heart..i took a risk, and i will risk again, someday!

god... do i sound like i have been swallowing happy pills?!.. i can asure you that whilst that is certainly not the case, i have been swallowing pills of a different nature... these ones have 'thank you' written on them...someone once said, and i think it was meister eckhart,
"if you only say one prayer in your life, make it 'thank you'"
om namaha

Thursday, 9 December 2010

planet magic

'energy burst'... mixed media on canvas

one of the ways i like to keep connection with the earth and its cycles is to turn a curious eye to any astrological events that may be occuring and messing with my status quo! i am always intrigued to find out that some strong planetary alignment has possibly (and please note the word possibly!) had an influence on what i may be experiencing that week. hell if we are so effected by the full moon (and accidents and emergencys always report an increase in walk-ins at this time of the month) then surely it is not so far fetched that some of its large bodied cousins may have say in how we are doing too?!

on december 10th, mischievous mercury goes retrograde messing up our plans, and causing potential setbacks...such a trickster is that mercury!
however the key to dealing with mercury is that it reminds us to loosen up that control part of us when things go's by learning to deal with the little setbacks that we become more successful at tackling some of life's bigger challenges.
this time mercury will travel thro capricorn, our practical earthy cautious planetary energy. a reminder not to get too carried away by big spending this season, but maybe to step back and offer from your heart instead...make some lil gifts; give your time and a friendly ear to loved ones; have the pleasure of experiences together with those folk you love.

however, if mercury's prankster energy causes appliances to stop working, that letter you were waiting for not showing up, or your train journey being delayed, remember to step back, take a deep breath and smile. can we create that space within where the world can falter a little and its not the end of the world?...unless it is the end of the world of course! but thats a different story altogether!

on a more intriguing note, the 10th will also boost a lil romance in the air, as mercury and venus (planet of love) sparkle and dance in sexy seductive passionate scorpio...turn up that heat and find alternate ways to warm those cockles folk!