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Welcome to “Alchemy of the Arts’’. Open the door, step inside, and let wonder and grace guide your path. Reclaim connection to the power that lies within. Honour and express your authentic voice. Take the journey of the modern day shaman!
Using the language of the body, through yoga and movement meditation, we give expression to our bones, blood, and breath, belly and beating heart. Embodied and engaged, this awakened energy is invited to find a new direction, using paint, clay, collage, poetry and journaling; a messy, playful and enchantingly innocent place to offer up the question, ‘what will I create today?’
Heidi's journey with yoga began in 1996, weaving its magic through her whole life, leading her to gain her teaching diploma in 2000. Her connection with art-making extends right back to her youth, creative play being an inherent jewel in her warrior’s belt! In 2007, Heidi gained her integrative arts therapy diploma, enabling her to deepen the therapeutic and healing properties of the arts within the alchemy events.
Grounded in Patanjali’s classical 8 fold path, honouring the philosophy of the practice for the modern day yogi(ni), Heidi teaches Hatha and gentle Vinyasa flow yoga, with emphasis on the breath, the heart space, the earth, and the cyclical seasonal shifts of the year. She brings humour, mindfulness, and heart to her teaching, as well as a clear intention to guide and support with humility.
Art is healing. Moving the body and breath is also healing. Both practices serve as medicine for our soul, and allow our spirit to dance. ‘’Alchemy of the Arts’’ offers workshops, salons, retreats and classes for all, to light up the pathway for healing, health, balance, insight, wisdom, transformation, play, innocence, passion, rediscovery and love.

source painting art salons 2013


twice monthly evening art salons with movement and stillness meditation, art making, journalling and the healing power of sharing in sacred circle together

open to experience 'home studio', whitworth street, manchester city centre

dates to be announced

workshops 2013

sunday 27th january

'envisioning your year with creative play'

 a few days prior to the dawning of the celtic festival of imbolc, and the return of the light, this day workshop is an opportunity to step out of the mind's resolutions for the year ahead and instead to delve deeper into the body, heart and soul to find the essence of what you wish to journey with in 2013...we will use bodywork (stillness and movement meditation), yoga and creating a vision board to envision the spirit that you wish to embody this to ''alchemy studio'', whitworth street, manchester...11-5 pm...30 pounds...please bring a light lunch to share
love, light and magic xxx heidi
for more info, or to make a booking, please contact Heidi at 07796420465

in gratitude x