Wednesday, 5 January 2011

perfectly imperfect

a new year...a new place for our dreams to rest in... a new thought, idea, vision...a new way of being, accepting, surrendering, opening...a new shift in the earths turning cyclical wheel...a new day...a new moon... a new moment...
have you made any resolutions? resolve, or re-solve the mystery of why you habitually make that mistake, take that road, or choose that response? i believe a more kinder way of looking at this age old, and usually fruitless phenomenon, is to change the word 'resolution' into 'intention'.
ah! that feels better already doesnt it? what is your intention? can you check into your body, your heart and your bellys gut intuition? this is where we ought to look and listen if we really want to know what our intention is...
and so i did, this eve, after a meditation and asking for guidance from my higher self, the greater wisdom that holds me, it came to me...'i can, i will, i am'...
can, will, am
feels so so strong, affirmative, focused, directed, and positive for a gal who oozes ideas for creative projects from my pores richly on a daily basis (yes, yes, i know how blessed that is!), unfortunately often those luscious gems of creative threads dont find there way out of the ball they attach to in my mind and time moves on, new ideas crop up, excitement rises, and once again, those threads are loosened from my fingers...i seem to have had this inability to take action, to put in the energy and effort, as well as the plentiful time i have available,on my creative life...and no, i am compassionate enough to know that i do create sometimes, and i teach which in itself is incredibly creative, yet i desire to create daily, to reach out and plug into that source so that it washes over and thro me in a constant and effortless flow...filling me, inspiring me, transforming me...
instead sloth kicks its heels into my back, neighing loudly and pushing me to stay in bed, to watch that tv programme, to potter, to waste time on activities that quite frankly often do not fill me from the inside...and so...
i can, i will, i am...
*put energy, effort and time into my creative life
*focus on filling me from the inside with juicy play, pleasure, practice, silence, nature time, friendships that nourish, good foods, adequate sleep (eek says the night owl), and mostly oodles of self love and care
*accept the now, where i am, and keep making those lil steps towards my dreams
*keep coming home to myself , thro my body, my breath, and my senses
*open deeper and deeper to trust, faith, grace and patience
*believe in myself as the gorgeous, delightful being that i am
*practice gratitude for all the abundance i have
*be braver and take risks especially when i dont know what the outcome will be
*love love love
*be perfectly imperfect
what is your new year intention?

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