Saturday, 12 February 2011

precious moments

just returned from watching 'never let me go'...incredibly moving and touching film...makes me reflect on the impermanence and the fleetingness (is that a word?!) of do we spend each moment? are we so caught up in tomorrows dream that todays ordinariness is overlooked? is it possible we are missing our life as it unfolds with each breath, each movement, each little task, each passing stranger, each taken for granted exchange with our loved ones?

when will our time come to pass over to who knows truly whats next? we cant know for sure and yet what we can do is open our eyes wider, stop for a moment...i often find myself looking up whilst tackling the crowds of the city, noticing the clouds shifting shapes, the stillness of the sky, the beauty of the architecture above me, and the feel of my feet on the ground...this is life happening right now...i admit that i am also often drawn to an imaginary future, enticing in its fantasy..whilst losing myself in this anticipatory pleasure is a fine way to oil the imagination i know that to deny the reality that i stand in right now is to deny life itself..what a shame that is, for me and for those that i gently brush past in those moments

i aim to live wildly.. i aim to live widely...i aim to feel, touch, experience all of life, no matter how dull, ordinary, boring, practical (especially taxing for this lady whom the world of fanciful magical realism feels like how life should feel!) and everyday...right now i have a glass of fine red wine left over from a joyous eve spent in the company of a great friend...jose feliciano is on the breath eases in and out in a dance riding the waves of the music and the carefreeness of a sat i open to this moment more and more my heart lifts, a smile gathers on my face and all is well just in this moment right now...wherever you are 'ola' to you and may your 'now' be precious and just as its meant to be!

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