Monday, 23 May 2011

magic and nourishment in yorkshire!

our fire altar

beautiful stream that flows in the garden

we practice yoga here when the weather is kind!

nourishment for our bellies :-)

there is a special space out in the midst of the yorkshire countryside...twice a year i gather there together with a sprinkling of beautiful women for a weekend of soul nurturance, wisdom seeking, body movement, and heart sharing, with laughter, tears, friendship and trust supporting the alchemy of our time together...the practices we unfold for each of our journey's being yoga, dance, meditation, art-making, journaling, tantric dyads and ritual

this summer we come together shortly after the summer solstice..the weekend of fri 8th july to sun 10th july...the theme of our time together is 'tending the fire within'...our inner fire is connected energetically to our solar plexus and the whole belly area.. when we hold our bellies, either in fear, tension, incorrect posture, tight clothing, or, most commonly, not letting the breath reach deep down into our centre, we limit and dampen our own internal fire

so what does this fire do? well on one hand this is the transforming power that helps our digestive system to change the foods we consume into fuel for energy...yet it is so much more...our fire is our inner power...that which 'fuels' our ability to live with the correct drive to put into action the steps needed to make our dreams manifest into real is the connection to the source which feeds us.. think about it... in the womb we were fed through our navel by the 'great mother' who gave us life...just because we are no longer physically attached to our own mothers, doesnt mean that we dont receive nourishment and feeding from the 'GREAT mother' that sustains and supports us...blockages to our centre literally and energetically blocks this sustenance!

we will explore this theme deeper over the weekend and ease gently back into connection and freedom of our bellys power and wisdom

no experience necessary.. all welcome.. please contact me if you would like to know more

blessings and sparks of beauty and grace xxx

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