Tuesday, 26 July 2011

come to the edge...

''come to the edge he said.
they said: we are afraid.
come to the edge he said.
they came.
he pushed them,
and they flew''

guillame apollinaire

now let me explain something here...i have been stood at the 'edge' many times in my life...and no, i am not referring to the magical scape of alderley edge park! (a very witchy sacred pagany spot in cheshire, greater manchester)..nor am i talking about engaging in conversation over a mean whisky with the other one from U2!!....i mean the 'EDGE', that place where familiarity stops and the vastness of the unknown looms large and, well, unfamiliar before you...

at this point i have noticed i gave myself 2 options, both of which i have to admit with a certain amount of misplaced pride, to having explored many many times before: to run back down the hill (or whatever, metaphorically wordlike one would use to describe the land most trodden on and ever so slightly tired of), or to grab on to something, someone, til my fingers have turned white, eyes squeezed so tightly shut that not even a tear could breathe, and hope to god that this 'other' has more idea than i have about this, quite frankly, terrifying terrain!!

neither option works


this week i learnt dear ones, that actually there does happen to be another way...a third option...one that requires, me thinks, just the right amount of pink fluffy cojones energy!...tho if you are a boy then make that blue..he he..perhaps blue balls doesnt necessarily have the same connotation!..but the feathers are important...never mind what colour your, ahem, balls are!!

what if you knew, nay, not knew, but trusted, just a little, just enough, that if you jumped that you would be supported? what if you could, in the midst of the confusion, the doubts, all the excuses why not, find a moment to offer yourself up, in that place, with all of your beating heart, your sweat, your will? what if, without having to know what was there, you just did it...just jumped!..or stepped!...or hopped!...whatever mode of transport feels the way for you to step out into that space...

along with a tribe of treasured beings, i did just that, and you know what?...i didnt die...and amazingly, superbly and wondrously...in that moment, held by the hand and grace of god, i flew...and my goodness, i wondered afterwards, maybe, just maybe, i could do that again!!!

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