Tuesday, 20 December 2011

live the question

'there are years that ask questions and years that answer'
zora neale hurston

what if we have it the wrong way round?...you know..like upside down, back to front, a mirrored image...maybe our perspective has twisted a lil to the side, and like some surrealist spin, we have been rolling our words to the sound of a distant drummer, over and over and over again...

you see, as the cycles of the earths energy swing
back from yin to yang after a momentary pause, a sigh, an empty moment to simply rest and stand still (the literal meaning of 'solstice' is 'sun-stand-still') and the return of the light gradually lengthening the days and shortening the nights, there has to be some kinda shift in our minds and hearts too...

what i mean is this...what if instead of causing our brows to furrow and our thoughts to constantly seek n peek n grasp at every strand or flicker, we say 'to hell with it!'...trawling our minds for answers simply creates a perpetual frenzy of 'is this it?'...what if we choose to live the question instead!

ah..the question...mine has been a constant companion to me for a long time now..a familiar following my every move, whispering in the quiet times...and goddess knows how i have sought the answer over and over again and yet i come back full circle, right back to the start...

so i have decided to let go of waiting to know for sure, of needing certainty and a set in stone guarantee...waiting for the 'right' answer stops me in my tracks so i turn like a sufi, with less grace and trust..because, living the question requires both these elements, a deep breath in to take a chance, to ask 'is this it?' with curiousity, wonder and risk as friends...a deep breath out to surrender into the moment opening up...and you know what? it might not be 'it', it may not yet be the answer, but it opens up so much more...living the question, without knowing the answer, gives the infinite potential of our soul every possibility to grow, expand, learn and truly live!...and yes sometimes there will be dead ends, and sometimes we will fall and fail and make mistakes...we may even get lost for a while down an alley way slightly askew..but the thing is..we will have chosen that alley way, and consciously, with our arms, heart and eyes wide open...

as the mid winter solstice hushes our whirling grooves, find some time to simply stand still and silent, and along with gratitude for all that has gone before, and all that has yet to pass, shift your perspective, and ask your question to the wind, to the moon, to your heart...and listen...

and as you hear...'tell me,what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?' (to quote the wonderful mary oliver)...pause for just a moment, then let yourself laugh, turn away and skip unknowingly into the life that is awaiting your tender attention...maybe this year ahead will be the year to keep asking. or maybe this year to come will be the realisation of the answers themselves

mid winter blessings dear ones xxx

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  1. Hi there Heidi
    Thanks for the reminder to live the question, whilst being open to receiving the answer. That was just what I was needing to hear right now!
    Love to you
    Ali xx