Monday, 21 May 2012

this lil olde game called life!

Choices choices choices…
Way way back, when times were simpler, when folk were noticeably missing the extra electronic appendage that seems to be the norm these days, and the t’internet was just some part of the sci-fi geeks fantasy, we used to play board games…some of these have survived the modern day onslaught of computer gaming, such as 'monopoly', 'operation', and my all time favourite (probably because I was the school champ many eons ago!!), 'scrabble'!
Time spent at granny's house guaranteed the most satisfying tournament of 'draughts', which as I recall, turned into the more complex, yet still grasping hold of the old black n red pieces, game of 'backgammon'! Hmmm!!...those were the days!
and yet, it is the more basic and no less appealing game of 'snakes and ladders' that has been providing me with inspiration lately! so simple..just roll ya dice, take the steps, and watch your fate play out, in an attempt to reach the end game!...of course, the number of the dice was paramount to one's unravelling destiny here, but i got to thinking, this is all rather like the more biggly, and a helluva lot more 3 dimensional, game we call life :-)

it's most likely that one isnt prone to making life decisions based on 2 pocket sized innocent cuboids (like that guy in 'the dice man'..well look what happened to him!!)...but what happens when we face a decision, from the seemingly insignificant 'what colour to dye my hair this week?!', to the more grandiose 'shall i leave this relationship?/ take this job?/ sell up and travel to mongolia??'
we have a choice to make
endless discussions with beloved and trusty mates may ensue over a hefty number of nerve jangling cups of mochas ( fave!)..advice sagely offered...we gather up our evidence weighing in the pros and cons...and yet we still may put off that decision for another dawning day...and yet, interestingly, the longer we prolonge our choice, the longer we hold our energy in a captive state of hyperventilation...the constant indecisions keep our energy held like the proverbial baited breath...and quite frankly, forget the damningly delicious coffee, this is enough to keep our nerves a jangling in anxiety for as long as we dance on the line!!

making a choice is empowering...actually, fuck that!...making a choice is probably THE most empowering step we can ever soon as we say 'yes' or 'no', we open the floodgates for our energy to rush in, along with the universe's support, and power up the thread we have chosen to fuel....making choices, especially the one's we really have no idea as to the ultimate outcome, is a thrill, a breath of fresh air, an inspiration!

and yet, how do we make that choice?..quite simply, there are really only 2 variables..we choose either through fear or through love..that's it more!...when we give in to the sneaky slimey and gut clenching voice of fear, we fall down the old 'snake', taking us away from expansion, from connection, from challenge and from living more fully....when we take a deep breath, and in cahoots with our belly, bones and heart, we follow that which seems to enliven and that we 'know' is the appropriate choice, tho it may scare the bejesus outta us, then we climb up the 'ladder', lifting ouselves higher and higher upon our chosen path :-)

oh..and one more thing...when we have made the choice, whatever that may be, we can change our minds!..i know...its great isnt it!?...nothing needs to be set in stone...what i have been noticing recently is just this..a perpetual procrastinator, this making a conscious decision malarky is rather new to me...and there have been several occasions, whilst practicing the art of choosing, that its only after i have said 'yes' or 'no' that i realise that i needed to change my choice..its like trying on that outfit to really know if it suits you!

so..choose wisely dear ones...listen to those you love..but even more so. and even more urgently, listen to yourself...and let yourself get it wrong, and then, very kindly, choose again...someone very wise once said 'power is choice', and i rather agree :-)

love and solar blessings xxx

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