Friday, 9 September 2011

drop n give me 20 (winks that is!!)

'rest those weary bones'
(painted at the tues art salon...made me realise i need to give my bones a sacred resting place...a way to show myself that i love and honour all of me!)

the sky's blackness covers me like a thick you know how i feel this fri eve? so so tired that i have this whirring sensation all the way through my body...i kinda feel like i have been riding a train all through the night on some exotic i love those journeys, watching the new world changing its shape, the smells, sights, sounds and experiences washing through my senses...and then arriving, at a strange platform, sometimes in the wee hours of the night, disorientated, shaken, bones still rattling...exhaustion pulling at the corners of my mind to simply stop, rest and go to ground

ah...the ground..the earth...the largest surface of horizontal bedding down one can imagine!..still..silent...strong...breathing its motherly comfort into our ears

this week dear ones autumn has jumped outta its box and 'booed' us rudely into the dawning of a new season!...blimey!...erm...god/dess?..arent we due perhaps a tad more summery warmth before the lights go out and the thermals go on??..apparently not to be folks..damn!...and so this week, well certainly here in the north of england, the temperature began to hiss a cool vibe, and the winds began their dance...

the winds...oh my...(or should that be 'lions n tigers n winds..oh my!!'?)...according to ayurveda, this shift into the season of autumn brings with it an increase in the dosha of vata...vata is the quality of dryness, of wind, air, gives us movement and the ability of quick thinking and superman power like nimbleness!...and yet too much vata can imbalance us...cause us to become too heady, minds hyper, routines knocked on their heads, and a sense of, quite literally sometimes, being blown around without our control!

talking to friends and students this week this appears to have affected us in some way..for me its affected my sleep, and this openly proud night owl has surpassed her self by finding the hour of sleep pushing dawn many an eve...thats not good folks...not even for me!

so what to do?...well..there are some practical tips i can offer you...stay warm, especially at the back of your neck; begin to eat more warming, earthy foods, such as root veg, and hearty soups; treat yourself to an oil massage after you bathe (good organic sesame oil is good for this); and try and implement a routine to your days...essentially, as we pull away from the firey summery months it is time to honour the pull towards the rest more, stop more...and when you can, get yourself to the ground!

thats right folks...make like a cat and find somewhere to pull that blanket over you, curl up and take the advice of those spanish cousins...siestas rock!

so its an early one for me off for some zzzzz's!..night night xx

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