Thursday, 11 November 2010


golden fire leaves burning away the old, making space for composting, resting, clearing, transitioning into the unknown, the 'fertile void'.
ah, time to slow down my friends, to feel the pulse of the earth pulling us deeper and deeper into slowing down. 'stay for a while longer' the earth whispers as we prepare to leave our homes. 'surrender to me' she purrs as we are busy planning and doing.
this is my lesson right now. my oh so familiar pull towards being busy and rushing on to the next activity is being challenged. i am being asked to slow down, to pause, to surrender. eeek!
do you know that osho mentions the difference between 'activity' and 'action'? he says the first is about this constant buzzing, doing, and generally wearing ourselves out with so much, usually, pointless motion. whereas the latter is a more focused, aware and purposeful movement, powered by our intention and wisdom.
well, creating this blog is a form of taking action for me. well at least i can write in the warmth and comfort of my own home, with fresh green tea as company, and the sounds of lucinda belle on the stereo. bliss!

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