Saturday, 13 November 2010


(click on the title 'breathtaking' to see this video. unfortunately i haven't worked out how to download videos properly yet so please bear with me for now!)

wow! this rendition of the gayatri mantra by the wonderful deva premal is just simply breathtaking. it touches me very deeply and breaks my heart open in tenderness and awe. i love this mantra, always have done, and i have decided to embark upon a 40 day discipline of chanting this mantra as we head into wintertime. my experience of it from previous years is that it felt like it had lifted my spirit, quite literally, i felt like i was imbued by light, by the sun, a lightness of my whole being.

the late mantra master, acharya namadeva thomas ashley-farrand, whom i was incredibly blessed to have met at one of his workshops on the shakti mantras last april in london, talks about the effects and importance of this mantra in his book 'healing mantras'. he says that not only is this mantra thousands of years old, but is considered the essence of all mantras. he says:

'the gayatri mantra is simply meditation on spiritual light...for pure spiritual potency, the accumulation of the highest spiritual light, and attainment of enlightenment, there is nothing to compare with the gayatri mantra'

when i chant this mantra, i feel connected to something old, so old and ancient that it makes me weep with a remembering and re-connecting deep in my bones. mantras are magical, and i highly recommend this beautiful, powerful and luminous one to steer one's spirit thro' the darker months.


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