Thursday, 18 November 2010


love (mixed media)
'do what you love
love what the moments of your beating pulse offer
what is your passion dear soul?
can i hear your whispers beneath the raging city decibels?
the twitching of my ears to sounds of music
feet up then down with the beat
beating the earth as she hums in delight
whilst skeleton limbs throw shapes with the wind.
the light of my eyes filled with you
yes, you, who shines a talented furl my way
teasing and inspiring my fingers to play
with words paint feathers wood sound,
in ways new, to me, anyways
do what you love
no time wasted start now,
breathe inspiration into a full belly
of tomorrows dreams'
why is it so hard to simply do what we love most? what makes our heart sing, our eyes twinkle, our belly feel warm? is it fear? i wonder what we are so afraid of.
maybe we are afraid that if we began to truly live as we desire so deeply, that our carefully placed world will topple and fall like the last card atop a playing card house. our lives might change. our priorities seemingly different. our little everyday to do lists of monotonous ongoing tasks may not get ticked off. whats the pay off? increased happiness. knowing we have created meaning to our time on this earth. courage to continue to risk for the sake of living fully and feeling deeply. a satisfaction that we no longer procrastinated in the creating of our one singular precious life.

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