Sunday, 17 April 2011

curves and mandalas

angel mandala and lotus mandala

i used to be obsessed with making mandalas...i spent a few years creating paintings of them, some of them , as above, recognisable images, whilst some of my mandalas were intense studies in the geometric patterning of the universe (i will show you some on here at some point)

mandalas are circular forms, arising from noticing that everything in nature is from a circle or spiral, from the tiniest cell to the luminous fireball in the sky!...there are no straight lines in of my favourite artists, hundertwasser, stood by this fact when he created his beautiful paintings, and he even designed buildings which were all curves, some even having gardens on their rooftops...highly ahead of his time he was a true visionary!

when i practice yoga, when i teach, or move in dance, this seems to me to be what we are trying to release our bodies from...the impact of all that rigid lineness (is that a word??!) from city living, desk sitting, routine, clock watching n obeying the linear laws of manmade time itself

the cycles of the year, the shift from day to night, the flow of my monthly bleeding, the in and out of the breath...all of these reminds us of the circular nature of life...can we find our way back to this pleasure, to unwinding back into the smooth curves and soft flowing of the earths shapes..i wish this for you this sunday xx

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