Wednesday, 6 April 2011


well lovely ones...a rare daytime post for this lil night owl...with an offering to you with regards my upcoming france 'alchemy of the arts: tending the fire within' retreat...mon 9th may- sat 14th les passeroses, charente, south west france (see flier below and also retreat page for more info)

toying with how to word the words that roll around my mind today...i think wording the words from a place of authenticity and from a human heart is the only appropriate see, about 4 years ago i decided to take a risk...after teaching yoga and creative expression workshops since 2004 i took a deep breath, said a few thank yous, and embarked upon my first retreat at the beautiful 'stod fold barn',near halifax, yorkshire (

what a surprise and what a delight! these weekends offered themselves to be more than an opportunity to share the healing and life enhancing practices of yoga, dance and art-making..they became truly magical events, with wondrous heart opening, laughter, tears, friendship and a sense of returning to an older more ancient time when we would gather around fires and share our stories as nourishment for each other and all the beautiful beings in the world

so i decided to venture further afield..france to be exact!...having found a gorgeous retreat setting, with wonderful hosts all seemed set on a new adventure!...yet the reality is it might not of today there are not enough bookings to run the event...i have learnt so much from stepping in and commiting to this (which i have to admit took its time) and i am incredibly grateful for what i have learned

yet all might not be a closed book just one final action outwards to the world to manifest this dream, i am offering the 5 day retreat at a reduced of now the prices start from 445pounds (this includes all meals, accomodation, yoga sessions and art materials..does not include transport eg flights or train)

so...if you have been drawn to what is offered on an alchemy event or if you might be interested then get in contact

all will be as its meant to be xx

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