Wednesday, 16 March 2011


bleeding woman

squatting on the earth she feeds the ground
the juice of her womb pulling away from the warmth of her dark place,
dripping out the old, old yearnings, old wisdom, old cycle of time,
to nourish the gasping soil hungry for this gift.

did you know that in olden times, times when god was goddess and the elder was held in high esteem of a life long lived, womens menstrual blood was used as a fertiliser to nourish the growing crops? it wasnt seen as 'dirty', or an annoyance, or an inconvenience, yet as a profound gift from woman to mama earth.

hmmm..not sure how that would go down at your local allotment!!

this picture of 'bleeding woman' was painted a few years ago with the blessing of my holy blood. always at my moon time i become her, aching with this heaviness to flush out and release as an offering to the earth, in return for a sense of shedding what i may have been carrying this past month.what a graceful and raw exchange!

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