Thursday, 24 March 2011



a time of awakenings...possibilities...hope...tenacity...movement...and innocence

the grass at this time of the year seems young and fresh, there is a bravery in the blossoming of the buds showing all of themselves, a vulnerability that is breathless...they cannot know if the next gust of wind will see them fall...or if a storm may rush thro tearing them from their home on the branch...we can learn from their courage.

i love this time of the year as i feel a renewal within me of anything is possible, of being able to start makes me think that i have now a new choice, to continue the same pattern of living, of tending the habitual tendencies that has caused me suffering in the past, or of stepping into the unknown, of taking a deep breath, and of letting myself see the world as if for the first time...of taking a risk, a different dance forwards, an unchartered belief or thought...i can let go of being lead by the past and stand more deeply in this moment and towards a future that is not yet do this i call upon the strength and magic of reclaiming my innocence.

innocence is a return to the childlike state of not knowing...of starting over and dropping what we think we know...we become empty, yet not needy or wanting, simply pure and content just as we are by the presence and presents of each moment... by the time we grow up we are so beset with the worlds 'knowledge', from schooling, parenting, society, books, teachers, dogma, religion etc...we become full of information, laws, right and wrong, the opinion of this is how it is!..but by reclaiming our innocence once more we can start afresh, tapping into the wisdom that is all around us.

innocence is not ignorance. it is not a place of naiviety or playing is a state of wonder and openness to it all, without shutting down, holding back or playing it safe 'just in case' is not jaded, nor is not asleep nor is a totally open place of receptivity, vulnerability, awareness and beauty.

osho talks of innocence in his book 'maturity' saying:
'whenever you understand that you have missed life, the first principle to be brought back is innocence. drop your knowledge, forget your scriptures, forget your religions, your theologies, your philosophies. be born again, become innocent- and it is in your hands. clean your mind of all that is not known by you, of all that is borrowed, all that has come from tradition, convention. all that has been given to you by others- just get rid of it. once again be simple, once again be a child. and this miracle is possible by meditation.'

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