Wednesday, 26 December 2012

40 days before 40 day 1...dare you journey with me?

a project by
heidi chadwick

 ok yeah...i know its not perfectly executed in a kinda stylish luc besson way; neither does it have the thrilling tension of a hitchcock tail; nor the edgy black one sided grin of a tarantino flick...but its my first lil movie..and its done...and jesus christ!! (yes you again!!) you have no idea how many hours HOURS i have been trying to put this together, film it, download, compress..etc...wheres this gals brandy pronto senor! ;-)

(a lil recap of the video above :-)  )

evenin' all...and a happy birthday shout out to that renegade anarchic doing it his way jesus...

  its not long to mine now...

40 days to be exact :-) may i present to you kind and curious viewer...
drum roll please!!!

a project that this procrastinating perfectionist has said 'yeehah' to and knowingly, committedly stepped her dancing feet into xx

you see, i have been dreaming recently (well we are in the dreamtime winter slumber where our bear cave dwelling ancestors would gather and share stories, take long naps and huddle by the fire :-) )...i long to step out into life more deeply, to risk and dare to offer my sweet heart and luminous soul...

to share my self, to dare to say yes despite fear raging and pulling me into hiding, to take a risk to look stupid or, god forbid, get it wrong...i yearn to walk into the unknown, to dance over the lines, and jumo into the dark '?' of the unknown...its been coming along time folk, and with the looming gateway into a new decade its time to gently wake up and knock knock knock on the spider webbed window of the cocoon!

but wait a moment...this is a practice, a prayer and i want to feel each and every be alive and awake and responsive and recieve..otherwise whats the point!? gonna be a journey of lil steps...exploring risk and courage, trust and faith, fear and disappointment...ooh incidentally i very nearly had no film to offer you this eve..i felt the disappointment, i voiced it, and you know what? i was about to give up when lo and behold the universe kissed my brow we are :-)

so..heres the key...

each day i will commit to offering a post, whether in film, photo, art, words, musings or by any other such means (carrier pidgeon? telepathy??)

i might not make it..the 40 days thing..but i will try my hardest!

it might be boring or twee..what feels like a daring step to take might fall short of your standards..sorry, but im doing it my my own time..dancing to the beat of my own rhythm xx

yet i want you to be a part of this adventure to..any comments, or sharings please divulge...any suggestions then gladly..erm..suggest away!..any love, it would be a pleasure to receive xx

so..i will leave you with this today (by the way this first post is meant to be on christmas day!)..hey..i wont tell if you wont! xxx 1 of the '40 days before 40' project..and my first dare is to begin..

i have BEGUN

the hardest step they say :-)

til manana dear ones
in gratitude for all your support



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  1. Beautiful, darling hinda... I honour your courage and am dazzled by your beauty. You have begun your adventure and all you know is that you cannot end up in the same place you started! This is the nature of quest. Travel well brave soul. Love and blessings. Xx