Monday, 31 December 2012

40daysbefore40 day 7: new years eve love and light xxx



the space between the old and the new

the pause after the out breath and before the next breath in

between dusk and dawn

may the seeds of appreciation of the year passing over take root in the soil of your year to come




xxx maybe this post is a cop out...a hardly there snippet of my presence for today...and yet the profundity and beauty of the day...dancing with tribe...remembering, honouring, letting go, taking with, dancing it all out and in with breath after breath, wave after wave...witnessing and being witnessed...wings still forming after a year of emerging, not quite ready to fly but on the edge...found my arms, my breath, my way home...found my heart and my tenderness...insight and inspiration...clarity and the sifting sieving for gold from all the lead...and willing to dare...YES!!..finally, a week in and a dare to claim as my own!...standing up in front of about 60 folk, present and belly centred...offering my epitaph for 2012...being received...being receptive..being seen and being heard...halleluyah!!
blessings and love to you all on this portal potent pirouette into the unknown....see you next year ;-)



  1. Hiedi, Thank you for leading the way to living in 2013. Your project is so inspiring and brave.
    Your words are inspiring, resonating in lots of ways and bring me hope xx

  2. susie... in much appreciation for your kind and supportive words...thank you for taking the time to read and connect with me here...sometimes i dont feel brave (a bit silly to be honest!) but then i remember i am simply human and thats ok :-)...much love and magic for your year ahead xxx