Tuesday, 8 January 2013

40daysbefore40 day 15: mister bones' investigative tuesday report! xxx

(highly respected award winning underworld journalist mister bones interviewing louise as she reflects on what turning 5 means to her)


to tuesday with bones...mister bones

of unknown origin, nomadic soul, carting his calcium form around the world, asking the questions of birthday celebrants (hopefully before they are inebriated ;-) ), of life's lessons and wisdom gained

it was a kinda destiny that myself and mister bones fell into the same moment of time together...we have known each other a little over a year now and though he can be raucous and coarse he has seen things you wouldnt beleive (erm..i might have borrowed that line from blade runner!!)...his tales of knowing and insight that have carved there way into his very being have illuminated many an evening (well he does quite literally glow in the dark my friends)...and his sage words know no bounds...

the very lovely louise, as of yesterday entering the year of 5, agreed to a lil chat, before falling for his physical charms and wordly manner...i must also offer a shout out and a boom bastic high five (erm that was bones), to the equally lovely jane for her camera holding expertise..way to go ladies xx (i love my friends xxx)

look out for further chat show like antics over the next few weeks


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