Thursday, 10 January 2013

40daysbefore40 day 17: there's no place like mexico ;-) xx

this evening, post satisfying day of contrasts which befits my thursday routine...teaching an ultra orthodox jewish student, a woman who shines, and gifts me each week with such a depth of knowledge of the spirit of a tradition i turned away from many moons ago....and than straight to a private men's prison to offer a class to those who wish to practice a practice of ultimate freedom...this might be my favourite class all week...why?..because i am always struck by how deep and attentive their focus is, by the asking and craving for more, by the silence as they watch their breath, by the respect offered to myself, to yoga, to each other, and to the space we all create together each week

thursdays are magic for me and i return home thrilled and filled with love

a contrast day...of feminine softness n ancient wisdom spirit, and of masculine strength and structured form and honour

so i came home and made these shoes :-) 

step 1: take one pair of seemingly innocous red boots

 hello boots

step 2: raid ones supply of beaded finery and winged glitter bound supplies and gather together in an impromptu meeting of material minds

 ooh it must be playtime (rubbing hands together in glee optional!)

step 3: have a taffeta and sequin moment


step 4: hearts hearts where are those blessed hearts??!! ah! they be on a kinda native indian headdress inspired tete a tete with the feathers

darrhhling!! ;-) 

step 5: its most unlikely that there wouldnt be a hint of skeleton in this soul wear creation! mmmmm i love my skeleton folk..actually any kinda boned object will bring joy to my i have made a his n hers couple...a lil yin n yang energy, a shiva shakti pair on my pair of wizard of oz footwear!

step 6: never forget heaps of glitter much as one can get away with ;-)

and voila!

my 'take me to mexico pronto!!' manifestation, click ma heels 3 times, ruby red slippered boots

now..wheres the nearest ball?? 

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