Tuesday, 29 January 2013

40daysbefore40 day 35: imbolc, lil red deer, and a song for you xxx

this weekend brings with it, not just a fountain of frolicking in foreign lands for my big day, but the celtic festival of imbolc :-)
one of the minor festivals on the cyclical calendar but nontheless, very significant to us mortal creatures...imbolc marks the waking up, the stirring and a shaking, of the earth's energies...having been snuggled deep in the earth over the dreamtime of winter, resting and allowing whatever magic and mystery starts the ball rolling all over again, its time for the lil buds to begin to yawn their way, gently, patiently and with the innocence of a new born, up through the melting frost of the soil beneath us

it is truly extraordinary if you stop to think about it, you know, what goes on under the 'no entry mate ya names not on the list!' ground of mama nature...behind that layer, deep within the dark dank dampness, seemingly sound asleep, some kinda alchemy is a happening :-)...maybe god's gardeners and interior decorators are all sat around a toadstool, drinking rose tea (from last years stock), whilst nibbling on a broad bean, discussing the styling details, and whats going to be big this year...its an event everyone is invited to the unveiling!...maybe they are having heated, well probably frozen, discussions about whether to go with that pink and purple theme that delights so many of nature's admirers, or to bling it up with a whole new crop and palette of yellows and oranges ;-)...hmmm...it makes me smile just thinking about all that rainbow explosion of possibility...i have said it before, and i will say it again, nature is fucking incredible!! 

the jewish festival, tu bishvat, recently celebrated over the weekend, is the festival of trees...celebrating the 'new' trees that are birthed at this time of the year...in the 17th century it was believed that eating ten specific fruits and drinking four cups of wine in a specific order while reciting the appropriate blessings would bring human beings, and the world, closer to spiritual perfection..(thats soo sweet :-) )

i love how no matter what your religion, philosophy or spiritual bias, most still respect and keep time by the earth's cycles...i guess without her we would be screwed (i wish everyone got that)

my beautiful private yoga student, the orthodox jewish lady, with a devoted heart and a twinkling soul, told me that, just before the trees blossom, they sing songs, well especially the children, asking each tree what it will become, what the great divine spirit has deemed it to bear responsibility, not to mention flower and fruit, for...she also told me recently, as i was admiring a painting of king david, playing the harp, whilst surrounded by deer, that each animal has its own song!...i cant tell you how happy that made me..beat that jungle book ;-) xx


now, not only does imbolc celebrate the awakening earth, and the return of the light, but also this is about starting to follow those dream seeds, and new intentions, that rise, like the lil buds, from deep within...this is a time of moving forth between those worlds, diving deep into the holding, receptivity and female intuition that we have been resting into, as well as starting to fire up that spiral of spirit and shakti energy that illuminates and propels our wings...moving between listening with ear pressed into that gentle humming earth, and taking flight into creating our world as we wish it to be...beautiful no? 

imbolc is also about all fertility and creativity, that potential for new life...and all of the arts are celebrated, as they are seen as magic vehicles for the manifestation of spirit...amongst the most strongly held dear at this time of the year, are poetry and song...calling in and caressing the muse as she whispers her tune in your ear...catch her threads and see what unravels before you :-)
and so...drum roll please...having had my guitar (a present from a beloved, music making, gypsy natured, ex lover) restrung and tuned (hopefully), i shyly present to you a song...this is about little red deer...its her story...her song...as some of you might know, my hebrew, and of recent years, my medicine name, is hinda...given to me at birth and rarely worn, i have been getting to know her slowly over the past few years...she fits well, and as i soften to her warmth, she suits me too...hinda means red deer in hebrew and hindi apparently...i recall looking up the meaning and being rather disappointed i will admit, that it didnt mean something like 'brave strong firey warrior kick ass dragon lion' (or something along that lines ;-)  )...no, hinda means 'red deer', and her qualities are being noble, kind and gentle...i have to say, that it is only lately, and i am still journeying there, that i have relented, most appreciatively and realised that, yes, i guess thats me...thats her...lil red deer

so here i go...never sung in public before (may never go out in public again after !! ;-) )...enjoy xxx


  1. Amazing.wonderful voice and lyrics.wow

  2. lil red deer...deep passionate crystal clear sining lioness, wild horse running across the plains, wind in maine....and lil red deer...so sweet, so strong, so you...beautiful xxx sarah xxx