Tuesday, 22 January 2013

40daysbefore40 day 29: simple gratitude xxx

today i am grateful for:
*waking up in a warm bed
*blue skies and light
*muesli yoghurt and seeds
*wonderful classes and students who act as mirrors for my sweet self
*fake moustaches, lil vials of bubbles and hearts
*lunch with a heart friend, salads and sweet potatoes
*going to ground this afternoon and stopping
*pizza in the oven
*bath awaiting 
*honouring my tiredness, my fullness, and even though i am committed to turning up here every day, acknowledging that i can keep it simple and just offer what i know to be true
*knowing that the world wont end, or all go to pieces if for one evening i simply gave to me
and so...
thats all folks
have a blessed and nourishing eve

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