Wednesday, 23 January 2013

40daysbefore40 day 30: the rules of that ole game called life :-)

well is it?

(i love the fact i spied this image on the ground on the way to work :-) )

what kinda game is your life? i know i have mentioned 'snakes n ladders' before on here..too linear?

how about...'trivial pursuits"? answering life's mundane questions that have no relevance to our hearts or souls...hmmmm...

'scrabble'? get certain pieces to create some meaning out of...if ya lucky you get to use them all and a whole new alphabet of possibility arrives on your plate!

'monopoly'? skill or greed? ploughing forwards ever so driven, buying this, accumulating that, until you end up in prison, without passing go ;-)

what else do we have...'operation'? the game of surgeons??

'twister' for the flexible and intimacy loving junkies?

how about 'jenga'? is it possible to shed and fall away the blocks of your well compacted life without it all to come a tumblin down??

or my favourite, 'poker'...trying to keep a straight face whilst totally blagging your way through the 'seriousness' of the day to day!!

you see i know it has been said before, but in a way life is a game, except, and i hold up my hand (maybe both here), some of us take it way way too seriously...yes it has its challenges and responsibilities; the all too real and anxiety creating wonder at how to make the rent or pay for your kids after school activities; its 'proper' jobs and neck ties to make one seem somehow important; and the never ending bonkers pursuit of eternal youth (or at least a face of plastic fantastic ;-) )

life also has its lighter side...of course it does, but sometimes we get caught up in the 'issues' that swallow up our time, we forget...we simply forget to stop and breathe and play in the puddles, make daisy chains, start a tickling combat (popular in my family what with the chadwick sensitive neck that all 3 of us 'children' seem to possess!), get dressed up and go dance the eve away (this was accomplished at the weekend with a gorgeous dear friend of mine...amidst the crazy dancing, the swirling around pillars and shaking aswaying arms, it dawned on us that noone else was moving really at all...bless them...all these beautiful porcelain faced, pert young things were seemingly too shy or self/image conscious to bust a groove...we however, of a certain age, quite frankly didnt give a damn!...we had such a fun night...playful and soul feeding xx)

if life is a game, then like most games, there are probably some rules...lets's rules hey?...they are probably along the lines of: 
wear shoes in the city;

brush your hair before leaving the house;

make no eye contact with anyone ever when outside (i tried an experiment today, seeing how many folk i could make eye contact with and exchange a you know how many? none!! my god we are a strange species!);

 use a knife and fork when in a communal eating environment;

 say 'fine' in response to the oft used habitually asked query of 'how are you?' even if your house has just burnt down, your wife ran off with the fisherman, and you have an ingrowing toenail (?)...'i'm fine, fine...'

lock yourself away behind a heavily bolted door in a lil box with some windows every evening and dont even concern yourself with the fact that just behind that wall is another human being who, like yourself, might fancy some company, cake, and a game of tiddliwinks ;-);

buy things, all the time, bigger, brighter the better, or else noone will be your friend!;

work 9-5, 5 days a week (right...who the hell came up with that?? and, more worryingly, why is that normal? why has noone turned around and after doing a few mathematical equations on their calculator exclaimed loudely 'BY JOVE...THEY HAD IT UPSIDE DOWN...we are meant to work 2 days a week and have 5 days of play/ creative/ community/ children focused/ nature connected time silly we have all been!!';

dont talk to others on public transport, especially important if you have your head stuck in their armpit or someone's groin right at nose level;

dont burst into spontaneous bouts of joyous revellry without warning (they might lock you up, or tell ya boss);

the most important career you will ever aspire to is either a) a footballer, or b) an actor;

stopping to drink tea with friends or watch the world go around and the day pass by on street corners is wrong behaviour and will result in you being asked to 'move along folks please!' ;

and lets not forget the grandest rule of all,

everyone else (including them who make em rules) knows much better what you need, than your own tickety boo, sweet, spirit connectes body and heart :-)

jeez...ok that was fun and totally makes me want to rebel immediately by running ouside wearing no shoes, in my pyjamas, whilst eating spaghetti with my fingers singing 'there's no business like showbusiness' in the middle of the road!! ;-)

so...lets laugh at life shall we...

and...make up your own rules my lovelies...tear up the rule book if it makes you all grey and cardboard like, if you are forgetting what makes you happy, whats important to you, what makes your heart sing and your eyes smile

its your life

own it!



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